“The Ross Family”
Jeff and Danita surrendered their life to The Lord in 1997 and were married in, July, 1998, joining their families together with their 2 daughters, Erica and Jaclyn. In, 2000, they were blessed with another beautiful daughter, Charity. Charity was born 6 weeks pre-mature with complications, but thankfully, was able to come home from the hospital 14 days later, on oxygen. God knew she would need all of the oxygen she could get so she would be able to use the beautiful voice he had blessed her with. Ever since Charity was small she loved to laugh and sing and has always had an interest in music. Three years after Charity was born God blessed Jeff and Danita with another miracle, a son, Justus. At a very early age Justus was showing interest in the guitar. Before Justus could walk he would crawl to a guitar and pull at the strings and as he grew to be a toddler he would carry his guitar around, always strumming. Like his big sister, Charity, he loved the sound of music! At the young age of 5 Justus asked if could he take guitar lessons. Shortly after, Jeff and Danita, were introduced to an older gentleman, O.D. (a.k.a. Orville Mitchell), who was a seasoned musician! O.D began giving Justus guitar lessons. O.D. was a wonderful teacher and was always amazed at how Justus learned to play so easily! At the time, Charity was taking piano lessons and was learning very well, but started to gain interest in the banjo and guitar as well, so she joined O.D. and Justus for lessons! Charity and Justus have been playing and learning ever since and with practice, determination and some wonderful teachers, they have expanded their skills to the dobro, mandolin and fiddle! As Charity and Justus became better and a little less stage fright, they began playing and singing as a duet in local churches, nursing homes and festivals. Along the way Justus has helped teach his dad, Jeff, to play an upright bass and Danita has learned to play a mandolin. Together, they enjoy backing up Charity, Justus and their new band member, Alex, and playing every chance they get! Using their talent for the Lord and hoping to bless someone along the way has always been first priority. The Ross Family is continuing to learn everyday, always growing better together and are excited for what the future may hold!


Charity Ross is a 16 year old singer and fiddler from Piedmont, Missouri. Ever since Charity could talk, she sang. She started piano and voice lessons at a very young age and has since then learned to play the banjo, guitar and her favorite, the fiddle! Charity plays the fiddle and sings with her traveling family band, “The Ross Family!”



30Justus Ross is a 12 year old guitar player from Piedmont, Mo. Before Justus could walk he showed an interest in music, always crawling to his guitar and strumming the strings. At the young age of 4, he taught himself to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” When he was 5, Justus began taking guitar lessons and has since then picked up the dobro, mandolin and a little fiddle, banjo, and piano! Justus loves playing music in his traveling family band, “The Ross Family!”

28Alex Clayton is a 17 year old banjo player from Naylor, Missouri. Alex has always had an interest in music since he was very young. With his grandpa’s encouragement, he began to play the banjo at the age of 10. After playing for a couple of months, he put it away. At 15, he decided to get it back out and has been playing it ever since. He has also added the dobro to his list of instruments. Alex enjoys singing and playing the banjo with the traveling family band, “The Ross Family!”